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I’m not going to even bother to write this in 3rd person.   It sounds condescending because it’s not like I would pay someone to write it for me.   I write things all the time.   They’re just going to ask me questions that they ask every DJ and then I will answer.  They’ll paraphrase.  You’ll be bored, the end.



conquest tsi

My name is Joel Quest, but I DJ as Conquest.   I also own and operate a DJ Entertainment company with the same name.   The name stems from the old Chrysler/Mitsubishi car, Conquest TSi.  A friend of mine had one and I fell in love with the vehicle.   Soon I owned not one, but 3, because the cars were so rare and hard to get parts for, I needed to keep several on hand for repairs.   When I first bought the car, I knew very little about how to work on cars… but that changed rather quickly.   I found myself in an endless money pit, so I did a lot of repairs myself.    Now I know a lot about how cars work.

I tell people I’m like the car.   I’m Cool, I’m fast, and I break down all the time.

Describe Your DJ Career

I started going to parties and early raves in starting in 1994 in Chicago. The parties were awesome and set the tone for what was to become. Everyone spun on tech 1200s. One I was out of the military, I decided to invest in some CD players in late 1998. They were super basic, no looping, just a cue and play and pitch control. My biggest struggle wasn’t even learning to beatmatch, it was fending off all the vinyl DJs from attacks because I used CD players. I do of course, own two Technics 1200s which I love spinning on.

I’ve played at many large clubs and parties all over the east coast.   I moved out to Chicago in 2008 and started a Mobile DJ Company focusing on brides and grooms who wanted something “different”.    Becoming a full time mobile DJ has made me an exponentially better Club DJ.

I love the art of DJing.   I have a high amount of respect for it, and I know it’s not something that you can master in your first year, or even your first 3 years.   Some people are more well suited for it than others, some people have a good aptitude for it, others never catch on to even the simplest common sense practices.   There’s a lot more to just “playing music” that makes a good DJ.

I enjoy teaching and want to share the many years of experience with people.   Right now is a very exciting time to be a DJ with all of the recent advancement in technology and rise in popularity with electronic music, I want to help up and coming DJs look and sound more professional, thereby helping us all win.


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