Yeah, Psyence, Bitch!

Trance and Science just go together. Both have left me slackjawed with their magnitude. When I was putting this mix together, I couldn’t help but notice how many tracks had quotes from some of my intellectual heroes in them. If it wasn’t a quote, the overall ambiance of the track qualified it as something “out of this world”. Cruising at a high speed through time and space, psy-trance is the perfect soundscape for a science lesson.

1.Beyond the Limit (Nick Sentience Remix) by John 00 Flemming
2.Thump by Simon patterson
3.Beyond Within (Original Mix) by Mechminimal
4.Different Reality (Vertical Mode Remix) by Liquid Soul & Symbolic
5.Pistolero (Astrix Remix) by Juno Reactor
6.Golden Bay (Moonlight Mix) by Lish & Yotopia
7.Black Hole (Original Mix) by SIDE EFFECTS
8.The Escape (Original Mix) by Frost-RAVEN
9.Become One (Interactive Noise Remix) by Coming soon
10.Einstein by Skipper & Ruback
11.Rainmaker (Original Mix) by.Sonic Entity
12.Chemistry (DJ Fabio & Moon Remix) by Coming soon

Melodic Filth

This is an electro house mix I made in 2013 for my friends birthday party. He’s a huge Knife Party fan and I wanted to make something for him that he could enjoy, and still satisfy my progressive habits. This mix goes all around the horn, touching on vocals here and there, but mainly focusing on a solid groove of electro and complextro style basslines. Each track is unique and like any of my mixes, doesn’t stay in one spot for very long.

1. Arcide – The Return (Original Mix)
2. Peepn’ Tom, Tyco, Will Streep- Pistol Grippin’
3. FlashlightFX – What The Fuck (Original Mix)
4. JIR3H-3 – Changed (Original Mix)
5. Wazup – Galaxy
6. Fedderland – Attention (Eckodeli Remix)
7. Hypster, Ennovi – Under Your Spell
8. Sean Tyas – Lekta
9. JP Moa – Outta Here
10. Arcide – Velocity