Why I Won’t Be Doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

ice water scamUnless you’ve given up social media, you can’t help but notice every other story is someone dumping cold water on their head in the name of charity.  Everyone is getting involved, everyone from school soccer teams to irrelvant celebrities are “taking the challenge”.   Not surprisingly, the ALS research charity has seen big gains in their donations.  Is this a terrible thing?  No.

Americans are pretty awesome people.  We love to be generous, and even though time and time again, we watch our well intended money being stolen by lowlifes, we continue to give. Even when we’re broke, we give.

However,  I won’t be doing any ice bucket challenges or anything like that.   And I’ve articulated why. I’m not discouraging you to donate to charity, however, I am encouraging you to think before you do it. In the end, it might end up being better for the people who really need help. This is just one man’s opinion.

Who Is Really Benefiting

It’s my opinion that a lot of these so called charities are nothing more than tax free business ventures that don’t benefit too many people other than some people who run it. Kinda like organized religion with slightly fewer insane beliefs.

Charities That Don’t Want to Share Generosity

I hear story after story of charity executives living the high life and they spend most of the their money on marketing and themselves. Also, they spend a lot of money on lawyers acting like greedy scumbags. Suing other charities. Copyrighting shit you don’t own. I’m looking at you, ALS Charity for trying to trademark the “ice bucket challenge” and Susan Komen Foundation for suing other smaller charities for use of the word “cure

According to some reports, many large charities are efficient, and I see a lot of figures saying that they are 88% or better at getting the money where it was intended. I don’t know if I totally believe it, though. Just me being skeptical.

I Don’t Like Being Guilted Into Anything

charity questionWhat do you mean I have to donate? High pressure tactics usually spell disaster. Whenever someone pressures me to spend money without proper research, it usually means there’s a scam going on.

Whenever I go to Petco, or Wallgreens, or Jewel, my checkout procedure is slowed down by them begging money for some charity. No man, I don’t want to donate.

What if I don’t see any proof that this money is going to help hungry puppies or sick children? Show me some proof that it’s not going into some account being milked to death by some executive who won’t face any jail time when they are caught?

No Accountability

I just want to see where all this money is going. I feel like there is literally less oversight into where people’s money goes than in the federal government, and we know that’s a total shitshow. I’m all for donating money directly to someone who needs it. Like a family of someone afflicted with a disease, or the legal defense fund for someone I feel being persecuted. Sure, there’s still potential for abuse, but it would seem less likely.

Asking for money is like a homeless person asking for money to feed himself. We all know it’s probably not going to eat with that money.

Or I’ll donate supplies directly to someone or an organization. Oh, you’re hungry? How about some food. You want medical supplies? Here, have some.

And before any of you complain I’m not charitable or that I am stingy, I challenge you to prove you’ve donated more to charities than I have this year.



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